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Electrical Panel Changes, Upgrades and Replacement

Do your lights flicker? Are you still replacing fuses in an antiquated electrical panel? Or are your breakers tripping constantly? If so, your home is likely equipped with just a 60 amp electrical service, or a 100 amp electrical service, rather than the standard 200 amp electrical service that is installed in most homes today. You should upgrade or replace your electrical panel.
All Electrical Work past the Meter is the Homeowner's Responsibility.

Do you have an old fuse box with screw in fuses? Do your lights occasionally flicker? Do your breakers trip when you turn on large appliances and vacuum cleaners?

These are all signs that your electrical panel is becoming old and unsafe, and it's probably time to upgrade your electrical panel. An unsafe electrical is a serious fire hazard, and should be dealt with promptly.

*We may be able to make this a home insurance claim